10 Warning Signs of Cervical Cancer You Should Never Ignore

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with cervical cancer, there is a lot you can do to help yourself and your family through the process. Although this type of cancer is relatively rare, it still strikes many women. The unfortunate part is that if you don’t catch the disease in time, it can have very drastic effects on your life. In this article, we will list for you 10 signs and symptoms of cervical cancer and that you never ignore.

Although early signs of this cancer are infrequent, they will include pelvic pain or vaginal bleeding. Symptoms and signs of cervical cancer in women can be diagnosed if you know what to look for. If you suspect that you might have it, don’t delay. Go to your doctor as soon as possible. Early symptoms of cancer of the cervix can be easily detected by a doctor and treated with a proper course of treatment.

You should also note that these symptoms, it may not always indicate that you have cervical cancer; these symptoms can be sometimes mimic to other simple cases and diseases. In any case, if you have noticed in you or a loved one some concerning symptoms, do not judge by how much cervical cancer is a rare type; you need to consult your primary care psyching as soon as time permits.

1) Mood Swings

The first set of symptoms that most people experience involves their general health. Mood swings are prevalent symptoms, as your body will react to your condition, you will realize that you will have less control of your moods and you will get irritated easily. It can also be just an emotional state and has nothing to do with cervical cancer; in any case, you should always keep a good track of any concerning change in your body or emotions.

2) Fatigue

Fatigue is also every common sign of cervical cancer; you will realize that you do not have sufficient energy to get them through the day and fall easily tired even after doing nothing that requires effort. In any case, if this general tiredness persists, you should defiantly talk with you, primary care physician. You may also notice that you are sweating a lot even when you are resting and not doing any physical efforts. Being said that, this may push you to stay in your bed more. However, you should not surrender and visit your primary care physician soon.

3) Loss of appetite

Loss of appetite is also a common symptom and sing of cervical cancer. You will realize that you eat less than you used to and you won’t have the same craving for your favourite foods anymore. This will only lead you to a loss of weight against your will, and it may indicate that something’s wrong with your body. This can be extremely dangerous in case you were pregnant since you will not provide your baby with the elements he needs lose weight and also your body will not be able to support the weight of the pregnancy.

4) Cognitive issues

Many women who are diagnosed with cervical cancer also report having problems concentrating, memory loss and having trouble finishing a thought. These symptoms can be caused by several different issues, including stress, lack of sleep or poor eating habits. While some women may think that this is because of daily life routine and problems, yet your cognitive abilities may get affected in case you silently had cervical cancer

5) Painful intercourse

The next set of symptoms focuses on the reproductive system. You may experience painful intercourse. This can be particularly frustrating when you are already stressed out and worried about your future intercourses. In case you had cervical cancer without being aware of it, your whole lower abdomen part may shed pain during intercourse since your reproductive system is all in all infected and not healthy.

6) Abnormal weight loss

Some women may notice an unusual weight loss that doesn’t correlate with their menstrual cycle or other body changes. Weight loss is one of the first symptoms of women who are diagnosed with cervical cancer experience. If you are experiencing weight loss significantly, you should talk with your primary care physician, especially if you are pregnant, since that can pose a risk on your baby’s life.

7) Breathing Problems

This is another of the common symptoms of cervical cancer. This can often be attributed to abdominal pain or a change in bowel habits. Breathing problems are also another symptom that is commonly associated with this type of cancer. A rapid pulse can also be a result of changes in your breathing abnormalities.

8) Blood clots

If you have bleeding or swelling in the pelvic area, it may indicate that you are suffering from internal bleeding. Many times, doctors will also notice a change in your urine which may be blood clots. Blood clots are dangerous and can travel through the bloodstream and potentially cause a stroke or heart attack.

9) Uterine Cysts

There are several symptoms that women notice when they are diagnosed with cervical cancer. Women sometimes notice that their bodies develop a very similar type of swelling that is often associated with a blood clot. Very similar to a stroke or heart attack, having a large cyst can result in permanent damage to the blood vessels in the pelvic area. Any of the warning signs of uterine cysts should be discussed with your doctor as your cervical cancer may even spread to other surrounding internal organs and may life-ending if not diagnosed early.

10) vaginal bleeding

The most common signs the cervix cancer will be any vaginal bleeding or vaginal discharge that is other than the normal discharge after sex. Other warning signs of cervix cancer may include severe pain during sexual intercourse, pain in the upper thighs or lower abdomen, or a change in the vaginal discharge. Any of these symptoms should not be ignored. If you experience severe pain or any change in your vaginal discharge, see your doctor immediately.