8 Foods That Are Perfect For A Healthy Pancreas

The digestive tract is a rather complex part of the human body. It starts where food enters the mouth and extends down the esophagus, through the stomach and intestines and eventually, it exits the body. There are also many side processes that are part of it as well, including the pancreas.

The pancreas is a very important part of the digestive system as it neutralizes and regulates acidic food through the use of enzymes. These enzymes also help your body to digest the proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids from the food you eat. When your pancreas is healthy, the sugar in your system is regulated properly and it results in a stronger digestive system. The following foods can help your pancreas to do its job properly.

1. Turmeric


Turmeric is an aromatic powder that comes from a plant in the ginger family. It is frequently used for coloring and flavoring various food dishes, particularly, Asian food. It is also something that has many health benefits, including anti-inflammatory benefits that can reduce pain. The pancreas can experience certain burning sensations and turmeric can help to reduce them significantly. In addition, this natural product helps the pancreas to produce insulin and that helps to prevent diabetes and to regulate your blood sugar levels.

2. Garlic

If there is one product that has received a lot of press over the years, it is garlic. In fact, you have probably heard individuals talking about eating a combination of honey and garlic on an empty stomach. It certainly can help with the digestive process but it goes much further than simply easing digestion. Garlic contains antibiotic properties and when it is combined with certain foods, the effect is multiplied. Some of the foods that can combine nicely with garlic include onion, honey, and fenugreek. By eating these foods regularly, you can boost your immune system and help with the workings of many internal organs, including the pancreas.

3. Spinach
Being a rich source of iron and Vitamin B, spinach is another great addition to your diet for pancreatic health. Vitamin B nourishes the organ while iron helps reduce inflammation. Spinach also contains an abundance of MCDG, known for providing natural protection against the risk of pancreatic cancer, and fighting cancer cells.

Spinach can be enjoyed in a number of ways, from salads and tarts to pasta and soups. Stirfry it with some garlic and onions, pair it with some rice, and you’ve got a healthy weeknight meal ready to go!

4. Broccoli
Cruciferous vegetables, a group of diverse vegetables such as cabbage, kale, cauliflower and of course, broccoli, are touted for their cancer-fighting abilities. They can also contribute to the overall health and wellbeing of your pancreas. Such vegetables are also full of flavonoids, antioxidants essential for the cleansing of the human body.


Magic mushrooms indeed! According to a study conducted by Indiana University’s Cancer Research Laboratory at Methodist Research Institute, in Indianapolis, a traditional Asian remedy made from the pine-bearing Poria cocos mushroom blocked the MMP gene, which is linked to the development of pancreatic cancer.

In general, mushrooms provide a good source of various B vitamins and selenium, says Julie Ching, registered dietitian.

Red Grapes

Red wine drinkers will be first to toast a recent study from University of Rochester Medical Center, in New York. The lab study linked red wine (or the skin of red grapes) to the malfunction and death of pancreatic cancer cells. This is all thanks to a powerful antioxidant compound called resveratrol, which you can also get from eating fresh red grapes, as well as raspberries and blueberries.

6. Sweet potatoes

Do you believe the theory that if a food looks similar to an organ in our bodies, it helps to nurture that particular organ? Like walnuts for brains, celery for bones, and tomatoes for the heart, the resemblance sweet potatoes have to the shape and color of the pancreas is uncanny.

Having said that, sweet potatoes reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer by up to 50%. It also stabilizes blood sugar levels by releasing the sugar gradually into the bloodstream.

7. Oregano

Oregano has been a promising treatment for disorders caused by oxidation like diabetes as it’s loaded with phenolic antioxidants. If reports are to be true, oregano is a powerful anti-hyperglycemic substance and is also good for your pancreas.

8. Dandelion

Dandelion tea is already known for detoxifying the liver and pancreas, which eventually helps to overhaul the damaged pancreatic tissues while boosting bile juice production. Dandelion root extract helps to combat cancer cells without having a severe effect on the non-cancerous ones.