Vitamin D: 9 Signs That Show You’re Lacking.

Today, I show you what are the signs that indicate that one is deficient in vitamin D. It is very important to know this, because a lack of vitamin D has real consequences on our health. To put it simply, this vitamin is very important for our bones, our muscles, but also for our well-being. My doctor therefore taught me to detect the symptoms so as not to find myself in pain. Because fatigue, cramps, dizziness… all of this can come from a lack of this vitamin! Discover 9 signs that show that you are lacking in vitamin D. Watch:

  1. Joint pain and muscle cramps It is mistakenly believed that a vitamin D deficiency affects only the bones. Well not at all. A lack of vitamin D can cause muscle weakness, especially in the elderly. Less vitamin D means less energy produced in the muscles. This can therefore cause cramps or pain in the joints. And as I told you, these muscular weaknesses are all the more important in seniors. Because of this, they fall more frequently and fracture more easily. Severe vitamin D deficiency also causes what is called inflammatory myopathy. In other words, these are sharp pains that we feel in the lower back. So if you experience muscle pain all the time, vitamin D deficiency may be one of the causes!

2. Unusual fatigue Vitamin D is known to boost the immune system while fighting fatigue. So if you’re feeling really sluggish, it might be due to vitamin D deficiency. More and more studies show that fatigue is associated with a lack of vitamin D. The quality of your sleep is degraded. You sleep take longer to fall asleep and for less time. And even if you get enough sleep, the lack of this vitamin puts you completely flat! Look at this study for example. All the people in a state of advanced fatigue lacked vitamin D. It is a sign that does not deceive.

3. Depression Some studies have also established a relationship between depressed people and lack of vitamin D. So the scientific explanation is not yet definitive, but we know that there is a connection. Vitamin D protects the neurons that synthesize dopamine and serotonin. These 2 natural compounds allow us to feel better and have a certain well-being. So if these 2 substances are not properly stimulated, the risks of depression are greater. Studies show that people with depression have lower than average vitamin D levels.

4. Bone pain and fragility Calcium is very important for our body. This substance serves as a kind of material for the construction of bones. And guess which vitamin allows this famous calcium to circulate well in our body? You guessed ; again and again this vitamin D! So the more one suffers from a lack of the sun vitamin, the greater the risk of bone diseases. These diseases can be osteopenia, osteomalacia, osteoporosis , rickets… The bones become fragile, can deform and the risk of falls is greater, especially in the elderly. In the morning, the joints can also be a little stiff, even very painful. In fact, the lack of vitamin D makes the bones soft. They can therefore bend and fracture more than strong, healthy bones.

5. Erectile dysfunction Many things cause erectile dysfunction . Nevertheless, a study revealed that severe erection problems can be linked to a lack of vitamin D. Almost all of the men diagnosed had indeed a significantly low rate. These men also often had cardiovascular disease, a disease often associated with a lack of vitamin D. Researchers have concluded that men with vitamin D deficiency… …Had a 30% higher risk of being impotent compared to those with sufficient vitamin D levels. Be careful though; these are observational studies that do not yet definitively prove cause and effect.

6. Weight gain A lack of vitamin D forces the body to regulate insulin less well. Do you know what consequence this creates? A desire to eat more sugar and therefore inevitably weight gain. Again, several studies tend to demonstrate the link between lack of vitamin D and obesity. In any case, overweight people very often have very low vitamin D levels. Correcting this lack alone does not solve the problem, but nevertheless helps to lose body fat.

7. Immune Weakness Lacking vitamin D often results in a less robust immune system. Result: we catch everything and anything. Colds, coughs, flu, viruses of all kinds… You have low health and fall ill all the time, because you are more vulnerable to germs. Taking vitamin D also allows you to recover more quickly in the event of the flu, for example.

8. Hair loss A lot of causes can be at the origin of hair loss . But we often forget that a vitamin D deficiency can also be one of the reasons for this disorder. According to several studies, people suffering from alopecia often have a lack of the sun vitamin. Without going into details, the hair follicles weaken and the hair no longer grows back. A study has also shown that a lack of vitamin D increases sebum levels on the scalp. And that is a real vicious circle. Because the oilier the hair , the more we wash, dry and straighten it. By dint of doing this, the hair weakens and eventually falls out.

9. Skin irritations Vitamin D helps maintain healthy skin. It helps wound healing and allows the protective skin barrier to develop properly. So conversely, if we lack vitamin D, and many diseases can appear. This is the case for example of eczema , psoriasis or vitiligo (white spot disease). If skin irritation occurs, obviously consult your doctor… …But also watch your vitamin D level.